Check-In & Boarding Passes

Check-In & Boarding Passes

Arrival Times for Check-In

  • Arrive at least 1.5 hours prior to departure time for check-in and receive your printed boarding pass. 

  • Ticket counter closes 45 minutes prior to departure time. No exceptions.

Alternatives to Traditional Check-In & Boarding Passes

If you booked your ticket on American Eagle/American Airlines you have several alternatives to traditional check-in. Select the one that suits you.


  • What do I need to know about packing carry-on items or checked baggage?
    Review information about liquids, food, guns and ammo, pets and more on the

  • What is the status of Real IDs and Oklahoma drivers licenses?
    Read more REAL IDs and Oklahoma drivers licenses.

  • Do my children need to have a photo ID or their birth certificate to travel? 
    All passengers who are 18 years and older must present a government-issued photo ID. If your children are under 18, they will not need to have a photo ID or birth certificate to travel within the continental United States.

  • Does the airplane have seat belt extenders? 
    Yes, the airplane has seat belt extenders. Fliers may be required to purchase a second seat if more than one extender is required.

  • I use a motorized wheelchair. Can I take this on the plane with me?
    Stillwater Regional Airport is accessible. Motorized wheelchairs can be placed in the luggage compartment. Boarding bridges to the airplane and wheelchairs are available. Notify your airline representative when making your reservation that you will need assistance getting to and from the airplane.

  • Who do I call to ship an animal/pet?
    Contact American Airlines Reservations at 800.433.7300 and tell them you are interested in information for shipping your animal/pet.