Rehabilitation of Runway 4-22

Rehabilitation of Runway 4-22

What We're Doing

(Updated 04-10-2018)

Phase 1: Design (In Progress)

The Runway 4-22 project will consist primarily of rehabilitation of the runway and connector taxiways and also rehabilitation and upgrade of the runway lighting.  Ideally, the project will begin after the completion of our current Parallel Taxiway Project in Fall of 2018. 

Phase 2: Bid

Anticipated bid is May-June 2018 and will be advertised.

Phase 3: Construction

Anticipated construction start time is Fall of 2018.

How We're Paying For It?

This project is estimated to cost approximately $2.8 million.  90% of this project will be funded with FAA Discretionary and Entitlement Funds with the matching 10% from local funding.  

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