Parallel Taxiway Project

Parallel Taxiway Project

What We're Doing

(Posted February 13, 2018)

Phase 1: Design (Complete)

In this phase, the Stillwater Regional Airport will create a preliminary design and engineering report for the construction of a full-length parallel taxiway to Runway 17-35.

The current budget for the preliminary engineering is $166,667. The project is funded by AIP Project Number 3-40-0090-24-2016 with $150,000 federal and $16,667 local funds.

Phase 2: Construction (In-Progress)

Construction is underway for this project.  The project is divided into three phases with an anticipated completion date of September of 2018. 

The construction portion of this project is funded through FAA AIP Project Number 3-40-0900-25-2017, state and local participation. The preliminary budget is $4,982,094.92. See below for a layout illustration of the construction phases.

How We're Paying For It?

This project has multiple sources of funding. The majority (90%) is funded by FAA Discretionary Funds. The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission funded 5% and the City of Stillwater funded the remaining 5%. 

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Project Construction by Phases