Airport Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO) has embarked on a planning process to develop a Master Plan, which serves as a roadmap for the Airport’s future development. A Master Plan also provides continuity—in terms of a common understanding and common goals—for the Airport Advisory Board and Airport Leadership regarding management and development decisions. The purpose of the Master Plan is to prepare a detailed future facilities plan for needed improvements that accommodate anticipated aviation demand, along with a financial plan to support the implementation of the resulting long-term capital improvement program. The Master Plan, anticipated to be completed in early 2023, will guide the layout, improvement, and expansion of SWO’s physical facilities over the next 20 years by identifying possible new projects supporting SWO’s long-term viability and enhancing facility safety, while supporting economic development and the Airport’s commitment to be a good neighbor. The Airport must have a current Airport Layout Plan (an output of a Master Plan) to be eligible for project funding from the FAA. The FAA provides 90% of the funding for the planning process.

What’s Driving this Master Plan?

The Master Plan Study is being initiated because of three primary factors:

  • The successful initiation and expansion of commercial passenger service at SWO. Since 2016, the Airport has had daily air service to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport provided by American Airlines.

  • The proposed new facilities associated with Oklahoma State University’s Flight Center. OSU will open the new Ray and Linda Booker OSU Flight Center at SWO in the spring of 2022. This facility will offer state-of-the-art simulator technology and include spaces for individual flight debriefings, on-site group instruction and discussion, flight operations, dispatch, and student common areas. The new Flight Center will vastly enhance the University’s capabilities in their endeavors of offering degree programs for flight training of professional pilot students. These numbers will be an important component of the Master Plan.

  • The planned Western Road Corridor roadway improvements. This roadway will pass through airport property and provide much improved access to the terminal area and potentially developable on-airport property.

What Impact does Stillwater Regional Airport have on the Economy?

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission undertook the Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Economic Impact Study between 2016 and 2017 to estimate economic impacts and other benefits associated with aviation and aerospace in Oklahoma. The results demonstrate the significant economic impact the state’s airport system has on each airport community as well as the statewide economy. SWO is one of four commercial service airports contributing to the state’s aviation economic impacts. The study shows that SWO is an important part of the local economy, providing a regional economic impact of approximately $70.4 million annually. This includes support for over 660 direct and indirect jobs associated with airport activities with an annual payroll of more than $26 million.

When Will the Master Plan be Complete?

This project began in July 2021 with the initial kick-off meeting. The project is scheduled for substantial completion by February 2023 (see project schedule below). Working papers that support the planning process will be developed and released periodically throughout the project. Please refer to the project schedule for approximate timing of working papers and public open house events.

Project Schedule

Content last reviewed 9.13.2022