Stillwater Regional Airport

Parallel Taxiway Project
(Posted Sept. 29, 2016)

Phase 1: Design

Stillwater Regional Airport is in the process of creating a preliminary design and engineering report for the construction of a full-length parallel taxiway to Runway 17-35.

The current budget for the preliminary engineering is $166,667. The project is funded by AIP Project Number 3-40-0090-24-2016 with $150,000 federal and $16,667 local funds.

Phase 2: Construction

Once the preliminary engineering is complete, construction will begin on a full-length parallel taxiway for Runway 17-35.

The construction portion of this project is funded through FAA AIP Project Number 3-40-0900-25-2017 with FAA, state and local contributions. The preliminary budget is $3,400,000. See below for a layout illustration of the construction outlined with yellow.

Runway 17-35
Project Timeline In Design

Renovations & Construction
(Posted Sept. 15, 2015)

The Stillwater Regional Airport is completing a renovation to add baggage handling, ticket and car rental counters, and TSA screening. It is also repurposing about two-thirds of its terminal and adding more parking.

The following rendering shows a vision of how the terminal and new extension to the north will look following these renovations. The terminal's extension will house TSA screening and a passenger boarding gate. Renovations are expected to finish before American Airlines commercial air service begins August 23, 2016.

Project Timeline
All renovations and construction were completed before commercial air service began August 23, 2016.

A baggage conveyor will be put in place in October 2016.


Proposed Expansion

The following image shows the layout of a proposed future expansion of Stillwater Regional Airport's terminal.
Proposed Expansion